CENERG provides activities in the following areas:

Actions in favour of the Institute of Power Engineering (IEn):

  • seeking opportunities for application in national and international programmes,
  • initiating, helping in preparation and implementation of research and development projects that enable participation of IEn research teams in national and international programs,
  • generating and realising international support actions,
  • promoting the IEn’s research,
Actions in favour of the energy research integration in Poland:
  • information-consultative activities conducted in cooperation with the National Contact Point for Research Programmes of the EU in the area of international research programmes supporting research and development of new energy technologies,
  • conducting actions aiming at coordination of energy research in Poland,
  • supporting cooperation of the Institute of Power Engineering with Polish centres carrying out research in thematic areas similar to IEn’s,
  • helping centres that cooperate with IEn in writing projects to FP7 and other European Union programmes,
Integration actions in the region of Central-Eastern Europe:
  • reinforcement of existing and seeking new contacts with research centres in Central-Eastern Europe,
  • organization of joint conferences and scientific workshops,
  • seeking possibilities of applying joint research and developmental projects
Supporting integration of the Institute of Power Engineering and cooperating Polish research centres with the European Research Area:
  • seeking possibilities for cooperation with the best research centres in Europe,
  • support the scientific exchange with teams of EU leading energy research centres,
  • dissemination on the European level research results of the Institute’s and cooperating centres,
  • cooperation with the European Commission in the realization and promotion of both FP7 and Research Fund for Coal and Steel.

CENERG supports all research areas carried out in IEn, in particular:

  1. Hydrogen and fuel cells
  2. Energy generation from biomass
  3. Clean coal technologies
  4. CO2 capture and storage
  5. Wind energy
  6. Distributed energy resources
  7. Smart energy networks
  8. Energy policy and economic and social issues related to energy technologies
  9. New emerging technologies
  10. Other energy research areas - in particular bound with renewable sources of energy.