Energy Research Integration Centre CENERG

Energy Research Integration Centre CENERG is a unit in the Institute of Power Engineering (Warsaw, Poland) aiming at the coordination and integration of energy research in the Institute of Power Engineering, in Poland and Central Europe. CENERG has been established in 2002 as the Centre of Excellence Integration Centre for Central Europe for Research in Energy from Fossil Fuels and Renewable Sources CENERG. It was the FP5 Accompanying Measure project financed by European Commission in 2002-2005.

CENERG provides activities supporting the development of new energy technologies related to Polish and European energy strategies, it also identifies new research directions and application opportunities in Polish and European research programmes. CENERG’s actions are contributing to ensure energy security in Europe and Poland and to reduce negative effects of the energy sector on the environment.

CENERG supports IEn’s international cooperation with energy research centres in Poland and Europe and promotes IEn’s research activities. CENERG supports also the development of IEn’s competencies in the area of energy effectiveness.

CENERG participates in the development of IEn’s scientific information exchange platform, organizes periodic info-days, seminars, workshops and conferences and provides IEn’s scientific library.

CENERG continuously develops its website http://www.cenerg.com.pl/ and publishes its monthly Newsletter informing about the most important events in the area of energy technologies development and opportunities for their financial support.

CENERG assists IEn’s teams in the preparation and implementation of new research and supporting projects (in particular requiring international cooperation). Additionally CENERG provides the above mentioned services for external partners.

One of the most important successes of CENERG supporting the Institute of Power Engineering was the preparation of the project SENERES (Sustainable Energy Research and Development Centre) for the call FP7-REGPOT-2011-1. The project budget was 2 531 842 EUR and EU contribution 2 259 076 EUR. The project was coordinated by CENERG and  finished on the 31st of August 2014.

CENERG actively participates in activities of the European Energy Research Alliance EERA and coordinates EERA activities in IEn and Poland. The head of CENERG is a member of FP7 Energy Research Programme.